Meeting every milestone and client delivery easily without overtime for your team.

Watching your project’s profit grow while making your colleagues shine.

And feeling like your production schedule is your most potent ally.


That's what happened to me.

Believe me, I have worked long hours with unforgiving budgets and stressful environments. I have seen exhausted teams and met frustrating circumstances.

But then, in  2015, I completely changed my outlook on project planning for film and television.

As a result, I got my dream position and have since delivered over 25 000 animated shots under budget, to happy clients and while prioritizing the team’s wellbeing.

And I want you to know that you can do the same!


That’s why I created this course for busy Producers, Project Managers, and Team Leaders who want to cultivate H.A.P.P.Y. project planning principles to increase their profits while lowering stress.

This 6-module program empowers you to:


Module 1 – Cultivate a leadership and production Mindset that sets you up for success

Module 2 – Get a deeper understanding of your project scope, production timeline, and workflows in order to easily establish, communicate, and meet production milestones.

Module 3 – Create an easy strategy to establish, communicate, and meet production milestones.

Module 4 – Build a day-to-day schedule for animation film or television projects.

Module 5 – Learn to track, analyze, and communicate your production data to avoid surprises.

Module 6 – Automate winning habits for easy and predictable day-to-day scheduling.

I want this!

What our students say:

What is included in Animation Project Planning for Well-Being

  • Six modules (and over 10 hours) of pre-recorded content about the mindset, skillset, and toolset for efficient, low-stress project planning for animation.

  • A clear road map with quantifiable objectives and milestones to track progress.
  • 6 Workbooks with weekly homework to implement learnings.
  • Downloadable templates of real-life production tools you can use in your projects (Production Timeline, Review Flowchart, Technical Chart, Analytical Sheet, and more!).
  • Email support and homework feedback.

Animation Project Planning for Well-Being e-Course Curriculum

Project Planning & Mindset


  • Our planning mindset framework
  • Understanding the planning challenges specific to the animation industry
  • The true leadership and superpowers of the project schedule.

Scope of Work & Timeline

Gaining clarity

  • How to define the scope of work with the Technical Chart we provide
  • Creating a production Timeline from scratch
  • Clarifying Review Workflows to manage expectations

Milestones & Boundaries

Establishing benchmarks

  • What are milestones and how to create them with our Timeline 
  • How to use the cost-benefit exercise to reach your goals
  • What are boundaries and how to use them in project planning
  • Communicating and creating a routine around the milestones

Weekly tasks & Stress-Management

The moving parts

  • How to create weekly milestones and daily goals that encourage self-leadership and automation
  • The right way to Report the milestones to our team and clients.
  • Stress management in day-to-day production 

Production Metrics 

A reliable strategy 

  • Why metrics are more reliable than opinion when it comes to planning
  • Which production metrics to gather and analyze
  • How to fill out the Analytics Sheet we provide to create a common language for decision making

Planning for Well-Being

A schedule that works for you 

  • Best daily habits to automate within your team
  • Practical ways you can promote well-being with the production schedule
  • The recipe for an efficient and low-stress post mortem 
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Hi, I'm Virginie!


I am a Film and TV Producer with 15 years of experience in live-action and CG animation. I have worked on some of the most exciting properties in the world with clients like Disney, Netflix, HBO, TeamTo and Splash Entertainment.


I put my expertise to the service of the Film and TV community by teaching happy-minded industry professionals, managers, and leaders how to increase their profit while lowering stress.


I am also Co-Owner of The Happy Producers and Ensemble Productions. I share my production and workplace wellbeing tips and insights on The Happy Producers Blog.